Monday, May 10, 2010

Illustrating a children's book

Just started working on a children's book with Clean Slate Press. Above are some rough sketches for the main characters. It's about these three kids and a robot dog. Also it's set in space, which is cool because I get to illustrate lots of cool space scenes, spaceships and other neat science fiction stuff. I'll show you some more image updates soon. But for now I better get back to work, I have a deadline to meet. 


Erica said...

Cool! Childrens book Illustration! Yay thats something I've always wanted to get into. Congrats Onno

Onno Knuvers said...

Hey Erica, thanks very much. How you been lately?

You should get some of work together and just start sending it into publishers, or even self publish using Lulu or similar.