Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moleskine Notebook

Finally got a new Moleskine to write and draw all my ideas in. My previous notebooks have been either too small to draw in properly or too big to carry around everywhere. So the Moleskine was a perfect choice and the paper is so nice too. But getting the Moleskine was a major mission I had to go to 5 different stores to find one. That's one problem living in NZ, it's always a mission to find things. Anyway I'm happy now and it's back to drawing new stuff in my new Moleskine.


Jeff Cook said...

I always see animators overseas blogging about their Moleskine sketch books, but this is the first time I've heard of a Kiwi having one :P
Nice to know they are available here (where by the way? Gordon Harris?), but for now I'll stick to A4 Bockingfords,I've gotten quite use to them.


Onno Knuvers said...

Moleskines seem quite hard to get in NZ (like a lot of other things). But I know of a couple of artists that use them. They're really nice to use so I'm glad I found one.

I got my one from Unity Books in Lorne St but I believe Gordon Harris have or at least did have them.

I also used the A4 Bockingfords all the way through art school, they're awesome and cheap too.

Erica said...

Moleskines are the best things ever