Monday, July 12, 2010

What a game! Congratulations to España!

Obviously I was hoping for the Dutch to win but congratulations to the Spanish team. It was a historic game for them, so I hope they enjoy their time in the spotlight.

It was an exciting game with lots of close calls and drama. I think overall both teams played well and they should be happy with their achievements at this World Cup. But I've never seen so many yellow cards being handed out. Funnily enough, New Zealand is now the only country not to lose a game during this World Cup.

I got up extra early and watched the game on a big screen with about 300 other Dutchies all dress in orange of course. We also had kroket for breakfast, yummy. Also thanks to Willem from Dutch Delight for putting on the event.

Incidentally this is the only Spanish related image I could find in my archive. I'm available for new work so maybe now's a good the time to start on any Spanish related projects you have in the works. Just give me call if I can help.

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