Friday, October 30, 2009

Animfx NZ 2009 Conference

AnimfxNZ is New Zealand's best conference for the animation, visual effects, games & digital film industries. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to attend the whole conference, which is a shame because they are many interesting people attending. Including John Stevenson the co-Director of Kung Fu Panda and a bunch of guys from Weta.

But I did get tickets to attend Animation Development Master Class which is run by Sander Schwartz (Emmy Award-winning producer of such hits as The Batman) and Rita Street (Executive producer of the upcoming Cartoon Network series, Hero:108). So that will be very interesting and I'm sure we'll learn a lot about animation production and development. I have lots of fun little ideas I would like to produce.

So I'm quite excited, I've got all my flights and hotel sorted for next week. Just need to remember to bring my lucky pen to take down heaps of notes.

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